fredag 17 juli 2015

Hi guys!
I am still in hospital but that might change in a month because I might be going home then.

But I am keeping me busy..  Some things are gone as presents to the nurses and some are still here. Allow me to introduce..

This bracelet is done in my own technique hope stitch. It is made with rulla beads, firepolished and seed beads all in the color crystal magic Apple 

This was my first zigzag cellini. 
It has found a good home. 

This is my first attemt on hope stitch 
The crystal is 27 mm 
Aint it gorgeous?  It is still waiting for its purpose but someone said that she really wanted a brooch 

So you see,  even with redressing of the wounds every other day I still manage to play with my beads 

I almost forgot.  This was the first thing I did here in hospital this time.. 
Not to shabby if I may say so *grin*

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