tisdag 1 november 2011

Preciosa, my precious

Yesterday a note from the post office came though my mailbox, I knew it was one of two things, a stone to open my throatchakra OR the samples from Preciosa Ornela that I will be working with and try out. I was under the weather so I thought that it could wait till today and so it did.
It was a box, so way to big to be the stone so it had to be the samples. I ran from the store to my sister who lives the closest and opened it up... And all the goodies came out, one by one...

You see, goodies to play and find out how to work them. It is a 5 mm long bead with 2 holes. Fantastic colors and I cannot wait to try them out!
I was ment to make stitch sample cards for my class today but there is always until classes start tomorrow :D