tisdag 18 september 2012

Competitions and the art of learning

I am working on 2, for now, competition entries. I can only give sneek peaks as of yet but you will see them completed in november :D Yes I know it is a while left and perhaps I can put them up earlier :) I´ll try.

First off is a agate slice, given to my by my good friend Annette.
Nice coloring on it right :) Well that one is now on the " Oh my god what am I going to do" bead board and it left room for another piece to start showing it´s face

I am just able to show you this, a beautiful labratorite bezeled with my favorite color, copperlined black diamond ab from Presiosa Ornela.

Back to the beads and hopefully I can give you more of a look later :)

måndag 17 september 2012

I am hard at work for some competition entries that I have in my head :D I can only be grateful that one of my favorite suppliers are Preciosa Ornela. They are amazing and I got some goodies today so I want to incorporate in the designs. 
I even think of making a little tutorial or two... :) then it is great to have someone that supplies PRECIOSA seed beads and beads to the entire world.
Should it be with twins or peanuts? Gah the choises :D
Oh by the way, did you know that you could win 1000 grams of Preciosa Ornela beads? Ok ok I will give you the link just because you think I am joking :) Here it is
See, I am not joking! Not about something so serious as beads!
Well back to the foxhole and try to at least finish one feather today :D