torsdag 13 december 2012


I got this in the mail today, my heart stopped and I started to shake with happiness. 1 KG of the fabulous beads from Preciosa Ornela! Could it be better? I hope there will be alot of pressed beads... I am so going to make something truly mindblowing!

Dear Veronica Jonsson

You have been chosen as one of this month’s four lucky participants from among all those who joined our world-wide BEADS FOR BLOG POST campaign.

A package with 1000 grams of beads and seed beads is being prepared and will be sent to you within the next several days.

We hope our fine Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads provide you with many happy hours of creative beading! 


söndag 2 december 2012

Czech Spike collar all done

It is completly made with czech seed beads, spikes and crystals. Added labratorite and amber for good measure. Love it or hate it :) I love it because I love Preciosa Ornela beads

torsdag 22 november 2012

I am Finally out

Out from the claws that made me sick of fear and feeling not good enough, feeling that it was something wrong with me.
I am finally out of EBEG and even though I love the members the leadership has been repulsive. Been called Evil, questioned about my ability to make jewelry... I am free of the scapegoat coat. Find another one missy... I will not take it anymore.

I joined a loving group of beaders instead that does not have thier own selfpromotion constantly on the first row. They are sweet and loving. Just like the beading community should be, have been for me until EBEG.

So while the americans are prepping for gobble day I am thankful that I am free.

torsdag 1 november 2012

My second entry for Birds of a feather contest

Blood sweat and tears are in this necklace that is fit for a queen, a bride, a Goddess.
Swarovski, seed beads and freshwater pearls are making the stage for the feathers.

I learned alot, I found my strenght and weakness. But it is a good thing. That is why I always push myself in the contests, I learn and grow.

måndag 15 oktober 2012

My Lovely Preciosa Scary cuff

I love my Preciosa Ornela seed beads. I made this cuff entirely out of Preciosa Ornela seed beads and halloween prop eyes. This is my entry to GoodQuillHuntings contest Birds of a feather. I wanted the eyelash effect but only on one of the eyes to make that one special.
I hope you like it :)  

lördag 6 oktober 2012

It is moving forward

I am going forward on the necklace and I started a bracelet as well, just Preciosa Ornela beads! Ok I have to use other focals to get my point across in the pieces but the joy of beading with, even holes and fab colors, who can resist! I saw on thier website  that they just had a visit from Nepal, how cool is that? Oh well, I have to try to get me a trip to their factory sometime, I would love to see how they make the beads and can you imagine how fab it would be to walk around and maybe, perhaps, if it is allowed, buy beads right from the factory?!? So... now you know my dream... Back to beading :)

tisdag 18 september 2012

Competitions and the art of learning

I am working on 2, for now, competition entries. I can only give sneek peaks as of yet but you will see them completed in november :D Yes I know it is a while left and perhaps I can put them up earlier :) I´ll try.

First off is a agate slice, given to my by my good friend Annette.
Nice coloring on it right :) Well that one is now on the " Oh my god what am I going to do" bead board and it left room for another piece to start showing it´s face

I am just able to show you this, a beautiful labratorite bezeled with my favorite color, copperlined black diamond ab from Presiosa Ornela.

Back to the beads and hopefully I can give you more of a look later :)

måndag 17 september 2012

I am hard at work for some competition entries that I have in my head :D I can only be grateful that one of my favorite suppliers are Preciosa Ornela. They are amazing and I got some goodies today so I want to incorporate in the designs. 
I even think of making a little tutorial or two... :) then it is great to have someone that supplies PRECIOSA seed beads and beads to the entire world.
Should it be with twins or peanuts? Gah the choises :D
Oh by the way, did you know that you could win 1000 grams of Preciosa Ornela beads? Ok ok I will give you the link just because you think I am joking :) Here it is
See, I am not joking! Not about something so serious as beads!
Well back to the foxhole and try to at least finish one feather today :D

onsdag 29 augusti 2012

Well finally the book has arrived and it is fantastic!!

I dont know if I ever told you how I got started... Well here it is

I was living in the middle of absolutly nowhere. I started to go a bit bonkers since I moved there from a semisized city. So I found beads.
I began looming with chinese 8/0 and that was not a good experience... well, pretty patterns but they got even prettier when I found Ornela.
I was only using czech seed beads and soon I realized that I could do so much more with the beads.

I will see if I can find an old pic of what I was doing (by this time I moved to a small town not far from the teeny tiny village I had lived in)

This bracelet was made with preciosa firepolished and czeck seed beads :) I loved it and so did many others :)

So what do I do today with them? Uhm.. just about everything? :) (digging for pic)

This is a little something I made. It is called Ostara :) I LOVE PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads

torsdag 1 mars 2012

I cannot belive it!

I am in a book that will be released in august! 3 pictures and I am in great company of my mentors, inspirations and fabulous beaders from around the world!

Right now you can buy the book at a pre- release price, it will go up when the book is released so book your copy today!

tisdag 17 januari 2012

EBEG bead fest 2... Filigree!

This is just a sample of ideas for the bead fest. The piece has to be done by 31/3 so it is plenty of time but knowing me I will be sitting day and night in the end of march and work as a banshee...

torsdag 12 januari 2012

2012 New year, new beginnings

This morning I got approved by Etsy beadembroidery Guild! That is just as huge as Etsy beadweaving team. And since I got my 6 pack of stiff stuff and several sheets of ultra suede to go with the asymetrical and the wavy cuff I have som embroidering in my future,
It is light outside today so hopefully I will be able to get better pictures soon :)

So... what should I start with? Readers choice

Should it be a neckpiece, bracelet or cuff? Hit me!