torsdag 13 december 2012


I got this in the mail today, my heart stopped and I started to shake with happiness. 1 KG of the fabulous beads from Preciosa Ornela! Could it be better? I hope there will be alot of pressed beads... I am so going to make something truly mindblowing!

Dear Veronica Jonsson

You have been chosen as one of this month’s four lucky participants from among all those who joined our world-wide BEADS FOR BLOG POST campaign.

A package with 1000 grams of beads and seed beads is being prepared and will be sent to you within the next several days.

We hope our fine Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads provide you with many happy hours of creative beading! 


söndag 2 december 2012

Czech Spike collar all done

It is completly made with czech seed beads, spikes and crystals. Added labratorite and amber for good measure. Love it or hate it :) I love it because I love Preciosa Ornela beads