tisdag 21 december 2010

Baby seal

My chrochet baby seal is coming along nicely. I have sewn freshwaterpearl flowers on to it and tonight I will start the embroidery. It will be a truly "love peace and understanding" seal pup and I hope it will acomplish what I really want it to... stopping the killing of baby seals to make furs...

I have my head filled with more bizarre jewellery so I really want to get this one done so that I can start with the others... No doll heads though... I am having hard enough time with this one since I am kinda afraid of dolls... and santas....(shivers down the spine)

No, quick nap and then back to beading

måndag 13 december 2010

Artbeads and surrendering to the pressure

Just saw a post on facebook where you could win 50$ giftcertificate to Artbeads Gosh I wish I could win something like that... my current situation does´nt allow me any purchase wich leaves me out of most of the competitions....

I had to surrender to the pressure for the Bead trends comp... I´m just to scattered to do anything at the moment... none of the other comps will get an entry either. Sad but I am hoping for next year. It just cannot be as bad as this one.

Will put up the pics of the halfmade things I have done, they will get finished but not right now... perhaps during thoose boring days between christmas and new year.

lördag 13 november 2010

Back to work

Almost done with the coffee that makes me tick. And soon I will continue to figure out how to do what I really know I can do but conviniently forgotten....
If this necklace turns out as I hope it will I will be soooo happy, it will be mindbreaking.

Figured out what to get my sister as well...

fredag 12 november 2010

All new

Since it has been a long while since I have written anything in this blogg I feel it is just right for me to explain why I now write in english.

I am stepping out of the safety of the box and into the world. In swedish only swedes understand what I write. In english everyone does.

I have just entered a beading contest that is held by Good Quill hunting

This is my entry.

And now I am sitting with the next competition entry, one of many in that contest since I will be entering in several different categories.
So you see, international competitions and more to come, it is only natural to change the language as well. I am not the same as I was 2 years ago. I have grown, both as a person and as a beader. Hope to see you all soon.