tisdag 25 oktober 2011

RAW on pause and another project is being born

I asked myself if it was possible to change the color on the rosecab since a person only need so many black and white rosecabs so I gave it a shot. With only pencils and diamond glaze it looked like watercolors, so I got a bit creative and used tempera mixed with the diamond glaze and this is the results, the lighter is only tempera and diamond glaze and the darker ones is painted with pencils first.

And here is a new project, you will be able to follow it to the Etsy shop and see me make changes, both good and bad once. It is barely visable but on the felt I have drawn paisleypatterns. Thoose are one of the changes I will make, or in this case totally ignore.
You will get an update as soon as I made the pendant as I want it :)

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